Thursday, August 7, 2008

Setting Up Your Class for Less!

At my school, it is almost an on-going joke when the teachers ask me, "Where did you get that?" I respond with, "The Dollar Store."

I love searching for teacher bargains at Dollar Stores but I have to say that Dollar Tree has a nice little "line" devoted to teachers called "The Teaching Tree." In addition to their teaching products for classroom they have a MUST HAVE for every teacher: LABELS!

You can get 15 sheets of 30 labels for a dollar plus tax. The envelopes and labels number is 5160.

They even have clear labels!

I use labels for everything. I label the students' writing boxes, folders, spirals, bins, and turn in boxes.

To make labels even more useful, I like to use different types of fonts, styles of printing. Here are my two favorite places to find fonts.
I have been using FAMOUS and RETRO fonts since the 70's and 80's are coming back. All I have to say to that is ..RAD!

My theme on my door is "Who Wants To Be A Fourth Grader?"

I used my projector to show the image of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire," edited the image in Paint to put Fourth Grader, and traced the image onto poster board.

I used large replica bills from Dollar Tree and labeled them with my students' names.
What ideas are you playing around with for your bulletin board this year? I would love to hear it. Post a comment!


Mrs. T. said...

I love your blog! I'd love to add it to my blog roll over at a new site I've been working on.

Mrs. T.

A Mitch said...

Mrs. T,
Thanks! I would love to be added to your blog roll. I will check out your site!

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