Saturday, July 5, 2008

Make Your Text Talk!

On Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers, I was introduced to a neat, little device called vozMe. You can type in text and it will turn into speech. It has a choice of female or male. It does sound a little computer sounding but is fun. VozMe has different languages as well. It is also an iGoogle tool.
I cut and pasted one of my student's writing pieces and we listened to his story. It was great little addition to publishing that piece.

So, try it! Copy and paste one of your blog posting and listen to your own blog!
On Tammy's page, there is Magic Pen. A phyiscs-engineering-G.T.-kind-0f-game.


arkreynoldsa said...

WOW! I absolutely loved visiting your blog. You have so much knowledge to share with the rest of us. I'm heading out to Indiana for our daughter's wedding and while I'm visiting her sister I plan to share vozMe.

Thanks for sharing!

A Mitch said...

Thanks,Arkreynoldsa! I am so glad someone likes my blog. vozMe is funny little tool I like.
Congrads on your daughter's wedding!

Anonymous said...

i love your web page so much n.m.m