Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Memory Challenge from Susan Taylor Brown

Every Tuesday Susan Taylor Brown encourages bloggers to write from their memories of their past. This week she asks:
What would I find if I followed you down your memory land?
Here is mine.
I had a collection of Strawberry Shortcake Dolls when I was growing up. I used to gather her and all of her BERRY best friends to play outside. I would use the bushes and plants in our front yard to create Berryland. Sometimes, she would have to borrow Barbie's Jeep when Strawberry Shortcake was bringing more friends. :)

I also begged my dad for the Barbie Dream House. On Christmas morning, it was incredible sight. I played with it for hours that first day and then not so much afterwards. The Dream House got moved to the garage because it just took up too much space in my room. My brothers dropped a weight on it and broke part of it off. But really I loved taking my dolls and toys to the great outdoors. My dad was always finding my pricey Barbies stuck in bushes or in the soil of his potted plants.

I also had a small collection of Monchichis. I loved how they could suck their thumbs. Sometimes, I would have them put their thumbs in each other mouths. Man, that seems gross now in the world of Germ-X and Purel! They had this cute little button face.
So what would your memory lane look like?


arkreynoldsa said...

Thanks for sharing this trip down memory lane. Strawberry Shortcake brought back happy memories of our daughter's collection. I can't believe it's been 25 years since I played house with her and her dolls.

A Mitch said...

Yes, I used to smell every one of those. I even had the dreaded Purple Pieman!

cneal said...

You are so funny! Although I never had a Monchichi, I can still sing the song from the ad. Mark and I remember all those old ads. "My Buddy, my buddy. Where ever I go, he goes..." Remeber that one? Great trip.

A Mitch said...

Oh yes, My Buddy! I remember that doll for boys. HA!
I had a Chubbles. When I was at my mom's, I saw it there with HER stuffed animals. It's eyes would light up and make a purring sound.

I also had Rainbow Brite bed sheets and Rick Springfield posters.