Friday, June 27, 2008

Dogs in Books

Middle of Somewhere is getting better. They have found a dog! He is a stray but very clever. "Leo" managed to stow away on the back of Grandpa's RV (next to his motorcycle). Dogs in books always add a nice comfort to the story. I guess because maybe they are loyal and give unconditional love to you. They greet you at the door and are always happy to see you. Of course, not everyone loves dogs but dogs in literature are so lovely. People who have dogs really seem to be in love with their dogs.

What books with dogs in them stand out to you that you have read?


jchoy said...

Very cute the dog in the book described like the one you posted? Who doesn't love man's best friend? One of my teammates once said you could do a whole unit on a boy and his dog books. My students have always loved dogs and something about them being in books... just gives you that warm and fuzzt feeling.

Do you think there are many books where the cat comes in to make all things better??

A Mitch said...

Yes, Cheaney describes the dog as dirty, full of fleas, and left at a campgroud. As I was looking through the Flickr Commons, that picture said it all!
JChoy, I think you're right about man's best friend in books! It gives the reader's a security-blanket-kind-of-feel. Books:Because of Winn-Dixie, Thunder By The Sea, How To Steal A Dog, Old Yeller, Hank The Cowdog, Champ.
But cats are given bad character roles. Mysterious. Even myself, a cat owner, understands this. Books: Time Cat,Who Stole Halloween, Warriors, Snot Stew, Kat Kong.

Chris said...

I like No More Dead Dogs by Korman. Funny, funny book. For those of us who grew up with Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, etc. it is especially funny.

A Mitch said...

Thanks! I just Googled that book and read a piece from it. I was laughing after the first paragraph.
I ordered it from Amazon. Great Recommendation!