Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thing #21 How to Steal a Dog Podcast

I created a Podcast with pictures from Flickr and Shelfelf Word Press. I also used Photostory and uploaded it to Switchpod. No Problem.

At Switchpod, I made a site called Basking in Bluebonnets.

Here is my podcast on Barbara O'Connor's How To Steal a Dog.

Okay, Thanks to Liz and Vaughn for helping posting my podcast. Try these and let me know which one works.


VWB said...

when i click on the podcast all I get is the might need to reload and use the html tab?

A Mitch said...

try it now!

LKP said...

Hi Annie,

I played around with your podcast and I think the problem is that the only thing you needed to do was either post "How to Steal a Dog" and highlight it to hyperlink to the single URL from SwitchPod and save it. This is the URL I think you need to use. Let me know if it works!

debnance said...

Awesome! This podcast really captures the feeling of the book!

jchoy said...

Awesome need to let your kids watch this at the beginning of the year.

A Mitch said...

Thanks! It was fun. I am making more.I am working on Toys Go Out and Atherton. I will post them on my feed.

TH said...

Good job! Great choice of photos.