Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thing #3 Part 2 Far Out Avatar!

I have been advised that I could change my avatar for our fun adventure in blogging this summer. I shall cut and paste my Yahoo Chat Avatar for all to see.
But, however, I absolutely love the ocean. It is so vast and deep, undiscovered depths that only one could imagine. Have you ever sat on a surf board and bobbed like a cork on top of the sea? How small you feel sitting there! You feel like a "O" in the H20 in a drop of sea water as you gently rock back and forth. Your head spins and you imagine how far deep the ocean is beneath you. You start to imagine the thousands, no millions, of animals swimming under you! WOW!
Yahoo! Avatars


VWB said...

it's those millions of animals sharing the ocean with me that make me nervous & keep me from being fan like you! :-)

heather and cuong said...

You are such an amazing writer. I love reading your blog!

A Mitch said...

Thanks, Heather! Welcome!

History Blabber said...

I love your avatar. I didnt have the patience to keep looking through all the pictures to make mine look that cool. i think i will have to go back later on and fix it! by the way you are an amesome writer!