Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thing #9 Keep On Pushing My Love Over the "Bloglines"

Bloglines is a wonderful way to search for blogs quickly. Mostly everything that I was interested in was being posted by people, except for CCP and John O. I found great ideas about books I love to read in class by searching the author's name. It was great to find even more ideas for my favorite read alouds.
The most confusing thing seemed to when I click on the RSS button, I wasn't sure if I added it or not. It would show up on Favorites but not on my Google Reader. I had to toggle between pages to somehow add subsbritpion to my Google Reader. Meanwhile, I could have just typed in msn.com and go straight to where I wanted to go! Oh well.


VWB said...

I think you find will after you use it a bit..that going straight to msn, you don't know whether there is new info or not...Google Reder will show you what has been updated so it saves a trip to anthig that is not new.

VWB said...

oops..sorry about the bad typing..it's late

P.S. your clock is two hours behind ...I am actually posting at 11:11. you can go into blog settings and set correctly...if you want.

A Mitch said...

Thanks! I fixed my time stamp! 11:11pm? Thanks for giving us your time, VWB!