Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thing #14 Stuck A Feather in His Hat and Called it Technorati!

Technorati was easy enough to navigate through. It seems a bit slow though. Maybe it is my computer's downloads I have recently acquired through this Summer Blogging. :0) What I love about that Technorati video was how they said this Technorati gives the Internet back to the people. I have not really thought about how big business has taken over the Net in the past few years. Technorati gives everyday people a voice through blogging. What are people talking about? What are people searching for ? What are people's candid thoughts on real topics that I want to talk about.
BUT it needs to work on layout, color, and font. Not very inviting for all types of bloggers. I get my FREE fonts from Urban fonts. I like famous category.


UltimateTeacher said... I'm a bit slow, but I just noticed all of your titles have very funny sayings. I can see you put forth a lot of thought into each of your postings and it shows. I'm looking forward to reading more....(hopefully I'll catch on a bit quicker)

A Mitch said...

Thanks for noticing! I think that is the one of the best parts of the blogging.I am having trouble with a title for #15 because it is such a serious topic.