Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thing #19 I'm Not California Dreamin anymore!

Yes, I have made it to my vacation! Weather is wonderful But back to the blog...
I found a very cool site called .Docstoc that has a data base of professional document you can use and change to your liking. They have field trip forms, invoices, receipts, you name it! It is very useful instead of recreating documents each year. You can host them there and share if you like.
I put it on my as a great resource all on one page.
Web 2.0 Awards is a mini list?? 500 ? There are many lists of top notch search engines and sites to visit. Here is my top mini list:
News Reader-Google Reader
Maps-Google Earth
Education Blog-Edublogs
Social Networking-Myspace
Logic Games- Magic Pen
Image Hosting-Snapfish
Image Sharing-Flickr

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