Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thing #20 Broadcast Yourself (or someone else)

This is an awesome series on "Fast Math Tricks of Calculation" posted by glad2teach at YouTube.

YouTube allows teachers to use online videos to show different and new methods of instruction. Above, I found this math YouTube video that shows “tricks” to multiplication. The learning is instant. I love the fact that I just typed mathematics and I received 100 of hit on my topics. After viewing the video, you are given another list by the same poster about the same topic. It is definitely for teacher usage because videos can be inappropriate as well. YouTube is blocked at Spring Branch though.
Teacher Tube is a WONDERFUL resource to explain blogging, wikis etc. Actually the Common Craft Show in Plain English is incredible. I really enjoyed it the simple animation, too! I saved a lot of them to my page as well.


Chris said...

I love this little video. This is a great tool for the classroom. Too bad Youtube is blocked.

A Mitch said...

I know!I wish it was not blocked. I think there is a way to rip the video to .FVL. I used this site and it's FREE.Even Better!
Thanks for the comments, Chris.

VWB said...

we have using a conversion program called zamzar where you send them the Youtube url and they convert it to wmv and then you can play it in is all done thru email!!

whoknows said...

I agree. This is a very helpful video but we all can't access it at school. :(

VWB said...

you will be able to use aNY Teachertube video if you will send to Zamzar and let them convert it to wmv and then you can play it in district...!!

it is VERY easy to do!