Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thing #18 With Arms Wide Open Office

When we received our new laptops, Texas Techie told me about Open Office. I went and downloaded it to all of my computers. It is a neat, little online document making device. It automatically converts to Microsoft Office if you move your document somewhere else. I have used it a couple of times for fun.
I went to explore Google Docs. It is also a neat, little site as well. What I truly like is that I can create documents and save it there without a SAN drive or disk. I don't have to save it to the desktop and then email it to myself. Since I love to travel (my travel blog), Google Docs is an awesome way for me to work on stuff while away from my home.
I know I should enjoy my vacations but sometimes I get a crazy idea and I have to write it down. If you work with me, you know my creative side is on. Of a bit off, depending on how you look at it!


LKP said...

I love Google Docs too! Especially the fact that you can save there and access it no matter where you are as long as you have the internet. I am just starting to explore all the possibilities, just learned this week that you can create interactive forms with Google Docs --- well back to playing!

A Mitch said...

Thanks, Liz!Interactive forms? I will have to go back and check that out.