Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thing #15 Give Me Library or Give Me Death!

What a powerful video! I had to put it on my page as a reminder of how things in our world are changing.

Library 2.0 is a way for all learners, young and old, to keep up with technology. I have heard grumbling from librarians that are not happy about being media specialists instead of librarian. Basically, not happy with the fact of focusing their lessons on not just using the Dewey System looking for a book but on using online resources. I then use that lesson for my own research lessons afterwards. So I do see the benefit of that. I know it is asking more of a librarian but we could use the library so much more.

But, NOTHING can beat read aloud in the library, in the classroom, anywhere, from a book. I believe that the books need to stay. I was talking to another teacher about the articles posted at Thing #15. She expressed how her little boy looks forward to going to the library in search of books. It got me thinking about "laptime," how important that reading with kids in your "lap."It is one of the elements that encourages a life-time reader.
I saw this awesome blog. Click on the picture!

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