Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thing #17 Rollyo Down The River

I am proud (Mary) to say that I finally created a Rollyo. Rollyo was a bit confusing at first. I was rereading to look for the purpose and I was just not getting it. So I went forward and made one based on the sites that I always visit: book purchasing sites. Then it hit me that I could create a Rollyo for research for Texas History! I could create one for a specific science concept such as Magnetism and Electricity. Basically, I could narrow the sites and filter out anything that would get in the way of the actual research (like Reliant or Center Point or some one's myspace page). Okay...I see how it can be used useful for student use. Here is my Book Purchasing Rollyo I mentioned.

On another note, "The High Roller" made me laugh. I am thinking Reno, not Vegas.

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