Friday, June 27, 2008

Wind Farm Sign!

Earlier this year, I decided to take my son to the desert while we were in CA. I booked my Palm Springs trip in February without any clue about what my summer reading list would be. I have been trying to read our Texas Bluebonnet Award List in the summer for my class. I like to share some really good ones that I find (How to Steal A Dog By Barbara O'Connor and Atherton by Patrick Carman are on my top list thus far). I am currently reading Middle of Somewhere by J.B. Cheaney, a corky, little book about a grandpa driving around Kansas in his RV looking for wind (prospecting) with his grand daughter and hyper grandson. What an adventure in confined spaces!
Back to Palm Springs, I am driving on I-10 West when all of a sudden out of no where we run into a Wind Farm! Just what I had read the night before! I was actually on the verge of abandoning the book because the grandson was REALLY getting on my nerves. The author was dragging that frustration out of me. But then, I saw it ...the sign. To see those hundreds of wind turbines, I knew I had to keep reading. I am hoping to gain some compassion for the little guy.


VWB said...

have you seen the hundreds and hundreds in West Texas! they fascinate me.

A Mitch said...

I have not but the ones in CA did take my breath away. I felt so small.

TH said...

I was actually frustrated with Atherton since I felt it left me hanging. Middle of Somewhere was ok though it did not make me wish to drive through Kansas (We leave Mon. for Colorado going right through KS, of course)

A Mitch said...

Th, Yes, it did leave you hanging. I am dying to read the next one. I think it came out in May.
Middle of Somewhere, I thought was okay as well. I got choked up when the grandpa took out Gee's picture.

Have fun driving. Look out for Big Brutus!